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Our systems and maintain the history of movement

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About Company

Rawd Technology was founded in 1994 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah).

“With the growth of competition and development in all areas, Rawd Technology has helped departments understand the need to develop their business processes and introduced multiple business development systems. The application of these systems provides timely and accurate information. And provides direct reports which facilitate the process of making the right administrative decisions to achieve the desired goals.

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How we succeeded

  • we have a very professional team

    Our team is persevering, fast learning and commitment, and it is good to solve problems in creative ways.

  • We are committed

    We commit ourselves to the time to execute projects and work according to a quick and effective plan, respecting the time and opinion of our valued customers.

  • We provide best results

    We offer you the best designs and technical solutions to suit the requirements of your projects and tastes and then work on them to get the best results to satisfy your desires.








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